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‘Woman in Black’ scares, shocks students

Bricey Bradshaw

Staff writer


The Woman in Black, a horror film released on Feb. 3, will leave you terrified and shocked. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, this movie has suspenseful moments and an unexpected twist at the end.


In The Woman in Black, young lawyer Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is a widow who lives with his son Joseph (Misha Handley) in London. Kipps travels to a secluded village to handle the affairs of a deceased client.


When he arrives at the village, it is evident that the townspeople are keeping a horrific secret from Kipps. The only sources of light for the village are the sun and candles, making the dreadful history of this town even darker.


Kipps encounters a vengeful ghost of a mocked woman while in his client’s house. The ghost is searching for something or someone that she is missing, and she is terrorizing everyone in her path.


Mary Blanks, junior psychology major, chose not to see this movie because she couldn’t even watch the commercials.


“I’m not a scary movie person. I’m a pansy when it comes to horror films,” said Blanks.


This movie left many people with a horrified feeling.


“I enjoyed being scared without seeing any horror or blood,” said Dr. Parton, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “There were some moments when we screamed aloud in the theater.”


Parton said the movie wasn’t as scary as expected, but still entertaining.


One of the foremost questions raised by The Woman in Black has been about Daniel Radcliffe as the main character. Can people move past Radcliffe’s role as Harry Potter and see him for someone different in this film?


“I’m interested to see Daniel Radcliffe outside of the Harry Potter role. I think he will need to be malleable and transform into a different actor,” says Becca Newell, sophomore English major.


She added that she loves scary movies and her standards are set high for this one.


According to Flixster, The Woman in Black was a top box office film its opening weekend, trailing behind Chronicle. This film will scare, shock and entertain its viewers, making it a must-see for all scary movie lovers.