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Childers displays work on Hill


Bradley Bradshaw

Staff writer


Every   month, the art department displays an artist’s work in the Arnold Art   Gallery. This gallery hosts art majors, alumni and guest art experts to give   them the opportunity to exhibit their artistic efforts. The art department   and students anticipate each art exhibit and Ian Childers, this month’s   artist, is also excited about his collection that will be presented.

Childers graduated from Shorter in   2004 with an art degree and graduated from the University of Massachusetts   College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts. He then taught at   Shorter as an adjunct from 2008-2011.

Jessica White, a Shorter student who   took Childers’ class, remarked, “This show is different from the works I’m   used to seeing of Childers’ because all the glazes are amazing purples and   blues and reds.”

White says his technique of the   crystalline glaze (which is the little star bursts seen on the pots) adds a   subtle yellow.

“The whole show is very beautiful and   elegant in my opinion, and the fact that I knew him as an adjunct here at   Shorter makes it even more exciting to see his work with such amazing   colors,” said White.

Kelly Mills, assistant professor of   art, believes his technique of glazing is amazing.

“His classic ceramic vessels serve as   grounds for his exquisite glazes. Using simple, uncluttered forms, he   activates the surface through a variety of techniques, most notably the   crystalline glaze method.”

Childers is currently a professor at Mississippi University for Women.   He enjoys working with clay the most.

“My vocabulary comes from my hands.   Clay and fire are the materials with which I speak,” said Childers.

Tori Nelson, junior English major, says   that Childers’ work has always fascinated her.

“I was fortunate enough to study   under him and appreciate firsthand the delicate technique behind his works,”   said Nelson. “He appreciates functionality as well as aesthetics. His exhibit   perfectly portrays his work as a whole: simple, yet breathtakingly   beautiful.”

Childers will end his display with a lecture about   his ceramics on Feb. 2 at 11 a.m. in the Arnold Art Gallery.