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Meet the Staff

As a student-led and student-produced newspaper, the staff of writers and editors is filled with students of different majors, minors, capabilities, and goals! To get a closer look at the staff, here is page dedicated to the minds behind Periscope!

DaniDaniel_Fariasel Farias

Major: Communication
Minor: Music

After graduation, I want to be an anchor and reporter on news stations. I have a real passion for communication and news gathering. Acting is also a first love, so I want to break into film and entertainment. You might see me on the silver screen one day.

I love to play the piano, write songs, read, exercise, play sports, travel, meet new people, and cheer on my Boston sports teams.

headshotMaggie Pruitt
Sports Editor
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Major: Communication (Concentration in Journalism)
Minor: French & Sports Communication

After graduation, I see myself working with fashion or sports, whether it be in writing or broadcasting, because those are two of my favorite things to write about and work with. I would love to working in New York.

I enjoy playing soccer in my free time, and I am on the soccer team here at Shorter. I love being with my team, friends, and family.

Laura Beth Dawson
Staff Writer


Rachael Minard
Staff Writer

Major: Communication Arts (focus in Advertising & Public Relations)
Minor: Spanish

I hope to one day be working in public relations in some sort of non-profit organization that raises money or provides services for kids in need. I am not sure how long that will take or how I will get there, but I do see myself doing that at some point.
I love to sing, hangout with friends, watch movies, enjoy some netflixing, and going swing dancing at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga.

Stella Parker
Staff Writer


Erica Ray
Staff Writer

Major: Communication Arts (PR & Advertising)

 I enjoy working with others and traveling. With my degree, my goal would be to work for a well-known sports team as part of their public relations team or work for a television studio/company advertising and campaigning for their new and upcoming tv shows. Hopefully, wherever I end up interning and enjoying myself the most would be where I would like to work whether that be in Rome, Ga or across the world.
My hobbies include pretty much anything and everything. I love to make short films as well as sing and play music. I also love to dance and play softball. I enjoy doing anything where I am moving and having fun with my friends.

Alayna Welkerphoto (15)
Web Manager and Editor

Major: Psychology
Minor: Literature

After graduation, I hope to go on to get my Master’s degree in Psychology, and become a doctor of Psychology. With that education under my belt, I aspire to become a family or adolescent counselor. Helping people, guiding them into learning how to love themselves and to see light where it is dim, is what I strive to do in my career. I hope to one day return to South Africa and work with Living Hope Ministries as a Youth Counselor. With my love for writing, I wish to use my minor as a tool to write a book or multiple books based on seeing that light, Jesus, in our everyday struggles.

I love to sing and play the piano. I love writing and reading. Fine Arts is a field that I desperately love, and with that love, I want to help people. That’s all I want in life.


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