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Love From Start to Finish


Isaac Thomason, sophomore Communication major


I’d love you until the end of time

I wish the heavens above could give us a sign

To know if we will ever be together

It’s raining in my heart with such sad weather


We’ve known each other all these years

Still I get nervous when you come near

My pulse races my mind paces

And out of the many faces I need your graces


To set me free in my time of need

I hope you find this out as you read

That I want, I need only you

And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do


To have you here by my side

My feelings for you I will not hide

Anymore because you’re what I’m looking for

I’m just looking for the opportunity, that open door


When it opens, I’ll come crawling to you on my knees

I don’t care what I have to do, I’d cross the seas

And even if I had to cross the world for your heart

I’d do it in a beat, a second, at a moment’s start