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Break offers more than respite for most


By Courtney Overton

Staff writer


When the air gets warmer and the sun shines longer, students get spring fever. Luckily, spring break is coming soon. There are several different trips planned for this week-long break: mission trips, conferences and, of course, the classic beach getaway.


Freshman pre-nursing major Christina Heist is going to Cumberland Island with friends Tori Nelson, Rachel Bush and Ashleigh Wiseman to get some sun and fresh air.


“It’s going to be awesome because we are going to be away from the city! But best of all, we won’t have cell phone service, which will relieve us of a lot of stress,” said Heist.


Baptist Collegiate Ministries director David Roland is going with a group of students to Arlington, Texas.


“This will be our third trip to Arlington,” said Roland. When we have gone before, we help lead ‘Rainbow Express’ which is like a Vacation Bible School except that we go to different apartment complexes in the area and lead in Bible stories, songs and games.”


One of the ministries that BCM offers is based on the activities that the students lead in Arlington. Because of this ministry, many students have been working with children at West End Baptist Church to share some of the same Bible stories from the Arlington trips.


“It is amazing to see what can happen out of a mission trip in Texas. Our lives have been changed there and in Rome,” said Roland. “It is what a true mission trip is all about as you let the Spirit of God work through your heart. The Holy Spirit convicts of needs and lostness even where we are living.”


Shorter, Berry, Georgia Highlands and Dalton State students are going to Arlington this spring break with BCM. Roland wants to see lives changed on this trip as these students share the Gospel with children. Roland hopes that the hearts of the children will be changed as well as the students’ as they share their faith.


Sophomore communication major Bricey Bradshaw is going on a mission trip to Peru with her home church in Canton.


“Our main goal will be to serve God by serving the orphans and townspeople of Cachora, Peru,” said Bradshaw.


This will be Bradshaw’s fifth time going to Peru. She chose to go back because of her heart for the nations.


“The country and the people there are so special to me and any time the Lord calls me to go back, I will,” said Bradshaw.


Regardless of whether spring break plans are to go on mission trips or relaxing beach vacations, students are appreciative of the time to get away and relax.


Sophomore early childhood education major Hannah Hughes has a tip for everyone leaving for their spring break vacation.


“Make the most of your week and focus on making memories instead of what you’ve left back at school.”