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The UPS Store

The student-produced newspaper of Shorter University with a print circulation of 1,000+.  Available online, www.superiscope.org.



Mrs. Cassandra Johnson







Advertising Manager:




  • Semester-long discounts available!
  • Discount of 5% off total bill for local ads run 3 or more consecutive times with only minor changes in the ad or publication-ready.
  • 10% off each ad for individual students
  • 20% off each ad for on-campus Shorter organization



Who reads college newspapers?  (College Publisher Survey)

  • 77% of students
  • 51% of staff
  • 65% of faculty & staff

What should I expect from my advertisement with a news print publication?

  • 77% of respondents read the campus news print publication at least once a month
  • 90% of respondents read the campus paper for campus events and local news
  • With constant increases of alumni students and incoming freshman, print and online readership will increase

What should I expect for my advertisement with an online news source?

  • 52% of respondents are more likely to pay attention to a text-based advertisement
  • 45% of respondents are attracted to an ad  because “the underlying service is appealing”
  • 46% of respondents would be more interested in online advertising if it targeted their specific interests, so marketers should develop ads specific to the 18-24 year-old market

Advertisement Design Information

         We are available to meet and discuss with you the design of your advertisement and will design your ad according to your preferences.  we have extremely talented staff members trained in graphic layout and design.  Even more, we can link your advertisement to your business/ organization website.

Contract and Payment Information

         The contract may be returned to the advertising manager.  The staff will then follow up with your business/organization to collect a copy of the ad and payment, or our staff will arrange a consultation meeting for designing your advertisement .  Once your advertisement has been created, you will receive a proof for its approval.  If you do not approve, you may receive a refund or have the advertisement adjusted/ redesigned to your liking at no additional cost.



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