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Weekend trips leave campus empty

Weekends seem like the perfect opportunity to enjoy time off from the list of classes and extracurricular activities students are swamped with in the week. Since we are in college, it makes even more sense to enjoy this time off with friends on campus or in Rome.

Unfortunately, the majority of Shorter’s student population doesn’t see it that way. If you haven’t noticed, parking lots on campus are normally barren on the weekends. Most students would rather go home and see their family (what’s at home, anyway?) than enjoy the complete college experience.

Yet, the idea of going home every weekend in college baffles me because one of the main reasons why students leave home is exactly for that purpose – to get out on their own, meet new people and engage in new experiences apart from their family.

Being on your own is an essential part of growing up, and the weekend life in college can be filled with wonderful memories.

Take, for example, the opportunities afforded to a student on the weekend. The chance to see a baseball game, a game of two-hand touch football in the front circle or a night on the town with friends are all fun activities that can help students balance their social life with their hectic academic schedule.

Some may think there is nothing fun to do in Rome, but I beg to differ. Broad Street in Rome is lined with plenty of restaurants that have good food and occasionally decent music. Here’s a few of them: Mellow Mushroom, Johnny’s New York Style Pizza, El Zarape, Jefferson’s, Honeymoon Bakery and Swift and Finch.

The Rome Braves are just 10 minutes down the road (for the late spring and early fall months); there’s even a movie theater at Mount Berry Square. Plus, you can always play a harmless prank on one of your friends in the dorms (notice I included the word, “harmless”).

So, next time the weekend rolls around, stick around and smell the roses (Nope, it’s not a figure of speech. Get out of the house or wherever you live on campus and become one with nature.)



Daniel Farias