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Variety would draw students to chapel

Students fill the pews inside Brookes Chapel to worship and listen to a guest speaker every Wednesday on The Hill. From local pastors to alumni, the guest speakers provide messages to the students, faculty and staff that align with SU’s message of “Transforming Lives through Christ.”

As a senior, I have been to Chapel numerous times, whether it was to attend with my soccer team or just to hear an interesting speaker. But I wish there was more variety in the type of speakers invited to come.

Many of the speakers who minister at Chapel seem to have a difficult time connecting with college students. Though the theology may be spot-on, old-fashioned style messages and dry, uninspired preaching leaves a disconnect between the speakers’ messages and the students.

I remember two Chapel speakers who inspired me with their messages.

Nicole Bromley came to speak at Chapel about human trafficking and her organization One Voice. I remember feeling overwhelmed by her message of hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Her experiences with human trafficking in foreign countries kept the students engaged through the entire message.

I left that service inspired to help those who have been affected by human trafficking and to bring positivity to every encounter I have with others because you never know what people are going through.

In my junior year, Trudy Cathy White, Truett Cathy’s daughter, also came to speak at Chapel. Her message was genuine and related to things college students were going through – entering the work force, managing school and the importance of relying on God’s plan.

“I liked her message. She talked about her dad and how the business started. It was interesting and different,” junior economics major Fiorella Gamarra said.

Having a variety of speakers, including a variety in gender, would help bring students to the service regularly.

The Jason Lovins Band, a Christian band, came to perform this year at Chapel, which is exactly the service college students are looking for – something that connects to them and breeds excitement in them to worship. I wish we had more services like the ones mentioned, with variety, excitement and a spiritually challenging message.



Maggie Pruitt
Sports Editor