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Valentine’s date varies for guys, girls

Victoria Ralston
Guest Writer

With the approaching Valentine’s Day weekend, Shorter male and female students have different views on what makes up the ideal date.

Senior psychology major Tiffany Dorsey enjoys a variety of activities on that day.

“My ideal Valentine’s Day would consist of Chick-Fil-A, frozen yogurt and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey has delayed being involved in a serious relationship now to focus on school and graduation. Her plans are to be able to get into graduate school.

In the past, the traditional “dinner and a movie” date has sufficied for how junior business major Breanna Hodges spends her Valentine’s Day. Hodges, who has been dating her boyfriend for the past three years, hopes the day is somewhat different.

“… Go eat dinner, and then take a walk to let our food digest and then go get dessert (chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream). Nothing insanely special or expensive, quality time is most important to me,” Hodges said.

For guys, a typical Valentine’s Day is completely different. Junior psychology major Matthew Carabo, who is currently single, says the holiday is like any other day. He doesn’t veer too much for his normal routine on Valentine’s.

“Since I am single, I go get Chinese food and watch Netflix,” said Carabo.

Like Dorsey, Carabo prefers to wait on a relationship until he finishes school though he has dated before.

“I never think about what I would do for Valentine’s Day nor do I care,” Carabo said.

Guys who are in relationships tend to want to spend the holiday taking their dates to a special event.

Patrick Sanders, a senior Christian Studies major, said a shared activity with his significant other is something he looks forward to.

“For me, it would be like surprise tickets to a sporting event, even if it’s a sport I don’t like. Also, we could go for a hike to a cool spot to share a meal.”