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Big headphones blast better beats


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Edith Avila

Staff writer


Why is this young generation so in love with big headphones, particularly the new Dr. Dre Beats? Ask any person who owns a pair, and they say it’s because they’re stylish and help you experience music like never before. In fact, some “big” headphone owners claim the bigger devices are a must for any music lover.

One of the more popular big headphones are the Dr. Dre Beats, which are known for literally closing one’s surroundings in a way that the listener can focus purely on the beat and rhythm of the music and not outside distractions. Students describe wearing the headphones as an out-of-body experience where they can forget everything and enter a new world when the headphones are on.

Sophomore undecided major Darion Hatten paid $300 online for a pair of big headphones. He wanted headphones that could keep up with the quality of his phone. He says Dre Beats are the only way to listen to high quality music.

“When I have my beats on, I’m in my own zone. I feel like I’m in the studio,” Hatten said.

According to Brian Ensnimger, a local electronics store manager, the big headphones have become extremely popular within the last few months. From November until now, they have sold 173 Solo Beats, black and white, alone. Dre Beats vary in colors, prices and sound performance.

The way the big headphones are being used are as varied as the students who use them. Some use beats as they are studying for tests. Others use them before a big game. Many use them to forget about their worries and relax their minds. The intensity of the music the headphones produce makes students feel relaxed.

Jonathon Parham, junior vocal performance major, paid $200 his big headphones and says they’re worth every penny. He uses them to listen to every genre of music, except for hard and classic rock.

According to Parham, the headphones give him the highest quality of that can be found in any headphone today. For him, the experience is like being in the studio along with the artists – something regular headphones can’t make you feel.

Dr. Dre, inventor of Dre Beats, developed the headphones to give everyday music lovers the same kind of experience as some of the artists with whom he has worked, according to his website (beatsbydre.com). According to the website, the new headphones provide listeners with a “complete” experience … “with Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.”