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A passion creates a future (freshman profile)

By Aurelie Gaborit de Montjou
Staff Writer

Lauren Daniell is a senior from Dallas, Ga. Majoring in Music Education with a voice emphasis, Daniell is getting ready to perform for her senior recital on Nov. 16, along with her best friend, Ashley Poole. Daniell was inspired by one of her high school teacher who gave her the desire to teach. Music does not run in her family, but Daniell begin her “career” at a young age by singing at church. She has always loved music, but she hated performing, until the Lord opened her heart and taught her to overcome her fears. Daniell auditioned, and she knew instantly that she loved music and teaching. Majoring in music education allows her to put both disciplines together:

“It’s great to be able to teach the kids and make music together with them,” Daniell said, before she added, “Also, my family is supportive of me no matter what, which is great.”

Lauren Daniell will also be performing with Ashley Poole who is also a senior, from Kennesaw, Ga. She is majoring in Music Education, with a voice emphasis. She has always wanted to be a music teacher and the performing aspect of it is something that comes along with it.

“Being a music teacher, you constantly perform in front of the kids. And for the longest time, I hated performing,” she said before adding, “but I finally got over it, now I tolerate it and I am very excited about the recital because it is the combination of all for years of our work.”

Poole’s family is supportive, especially her mother who has majored in the same discipline and is now playing the piano at their church and also a piano teacher.

Daniell and Poole will alternately perform for 30 minutes each. They will be singing in English, as well as German, French, Italian and Spanish. They have also prepared an opening duet, as well as a closing duet. The first duet is from composer Camille Saint-Saëns. For an overall time of about an hour, Daniell and Poole will be alternating on stage, singing their respective sets that they have prepared.

Daniell’s first set will be in German, from composers Robert Schumann and his wife Clara Schumann. Daniell will then perform her Italian, Spanish and French songs from composer Pauline Viardot. Daniell’s last set includes songs in English from Amy Beach – a challenging piece inspired by Shakespeare’s work – and Victor Herbert.

Poole’s first set will be medieval Spanish and Italian songs arranged with new, modern accompaniment by Norwegian Arne Dørumsgaard. Composers Antonio Caldara, Bernardo Pasquini and Francisco de le Torre wrote the songs. Poole will then perform a set of vocalises sang with only one vowel, from Heinrich Panofka. Poole will end with a French and German set, with works from W.A. Mozart – the only French that Mozart ever wrote – and Gustav Mahler.

The closing duet is from the musical Wicked, but the act is still unknown,

“The end is a surprise, we’ve been keeping a well guarded secret for many years now. When we came to college, we joked around about this ending duet and this year, we are actually doing it,” Poole’s said.

According to both ladies, the French songs were the most difficult to learn, memorize and pronounce, out of all the songs.

During her sophomore year, Lauren wanted to change her major as she was thinking about going to ministry and work in a church. Even though she still has that desire in her heart, she does not want to do that as her first step.

“The desire to teach came back this past summer when I taught kids on missions. I view it like step in stones; I can’t get there if I don’t start here. Unless the Lord closes that desire, this is where I’ll go.”