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Residence life jobs center on community

Residence Life on Shorter’s campus is unlike any other organization that the university has to offer. Many people want to be a part of the family that keeps Shorter’s student accountable and the campus safe. Resident Assistant/Director applications are available now for students who desire to be a part of the Res Life Staff.

The Residence Life staff at Shorter works to make sure that residents follow all university-established rules and regulations.

The Res Life Staff is a crucial asset to dorm life on campus. Oftentimes RAs and RDs are put in tough situations that challenge them and help them further their skills as a Res Life Staff member.

As many students are beginning to apply for the RA positions available on campus, those applying are beginning to think about why they want the job.

Freshman Mackenzie Staples is one of those students applying to be an RA.

“I want to be on Res Life Staff to make a difference in incoming freshmen’s lives. I love the idea of community and growing together in Christ,” Staples said.

So, why do we have RAs and RDs on campus?

Well, the RAs and RDs bring students from all walks of life together. They are there to be support systems for their residences and help those in need. Many students are far from home and may not have someone close to them who can be there to assist them in their needs.

Resident Director Tony Schnyders shows one of the rooms that will be offered as one of the “commuter hostel” offerings for Malone University students during inclement weather, on July 29, 2014, in Canton, Ohio. (Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

Students who are going through tough times are offered Christian guidance to help them through their struggles.

The RAs and RDs are more than willing to be servants to their residents and others who attend the university. They give up their time and efforts to serve by being leaders, attending events on campus, helping students in need and setting up their own events for students.

The SU community wouldn’t be the same without the Residence Life Staff. They give a strong effort to make sure our residence halls, campus and students are safe and following all university rules. Their willingness to lead speaks volumes about each student and his or her character. RAs and RDs are students who believe in this campus and are willing to put forth the effort to keep our campus safe.


Laura Beth Dawson
Staff Writer