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Love Operation


Love Operation

Isaac Thomason, junior Christian ministry major


I’m not the man I’m supposed to be

You just happen to be the girl for me

I think in my mind and press rewind

Back to find you, one of a kind


So don’t ever let me forget this man in the mirror

And that for us God has a plan much clearer

Than what you and I could ever have for each other

And that if I ever lost you there wouldn’t be another


Because my dreams have been fulfilled

You took the seams of my heart as God willed

Like a prophecy, you did an autopsy

On my heart and operated with accuracy


They say you can’t fix a man stuck in his own way

People say a lot but who cares what they have to say

I just wanted to stop for a moment to tell

Of all the times you’ve made me well


Can’t wait until I get this outrageous bill

I count the cost of love and time stands still

I’m in debt to you, but I’m not sick anymore

I hope you’ll let me repay you by being all yours