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Tennis teams play to finish strong

By Austin Travers

The men’s and women’s tennis team’s season began in February. Currently, the men stand at 1-3 in conference play and the Lady Hawks are 4-1 in conference play. The teams are looking to finish the season strong.

Marc Guerry, junior business administration major, is looking to improve the season and build on the team’s weaknesses.

“We are not doing as well as we have hoped for, but the team is working hard to finish the season with a positive attitude,” Guerry said.

Guerry transferred to Shorter as a junior. Shorter brought him to the U.S. for the first time. He has been playing in the top three seeds since his arrival and has been a contributor for the Hawks.

Coach Orville Adams is happy with the way both teams prepared for the season.

“The men and women have been working hard to get better and pick up from where we left off last season,” Adams said.

Adams expects a lot from Guerry.

“Marc has been one of the most consistent players for us this season,” said Adams.  “We look for big things out of him this year.”

The men’s team has had a difficult start this season. They currently stand 3-13 overall with only seven games left.

Guerry said the team looks to improve as they finish the season.

“We had three of our best players injured at the beginning of the season,” said Guerry. “Everyone is just starting to play at their full potential.”

Senior Candice Laurent has been with the Hawks for her entire college career, where she has been a first-seed player.

Laurent said the Lady Hawks are working hard, focusing on winning NCCAA nationals this season.

“We have been training very hard by practicing and working out,” said Laurent. “We think we have a good chance at bringing the championship home this year.”

Laurent described the bittersweet feeling of playing for the Hawks as she prepares to graduate this May.

“I have enjoyed my time here as a player and a student,” Laurent said. “It is going to be tough for me to leave, but I am ready to move on to bigger and better things.”

Adams reflected on Laurent’s time as a Hawk.

“She has been with us for four years now, and it is always hard to see one of our key players in their last season,” said Adams.

Adams said Laurent will do well after she graduates.

“She is a very hard worker, which will help her in the real world,” Adams said.

The men’s and women’s team play at home on April 5 against Delta State University.