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Rain Boots become fashion trend, Rome necessity



Audrey Speight



With all the   rain pouring from Rome’s skies, rain boots have turned into a “must-have” for   female students around the Hill. Say good-bye to the days when solid rain   boots simply existed to “get the job done” and get use to seeing fashionable   rainwear on campus. Students are seeing more and more unique rain boots in   plaid,  polka dots, flowers and just   about any other pattern possible.

“I love my rain boots because I can look cute   while it’s gloomy outside,” said Jade Colwell, sophomore psychology major.   “It brings a little excitement for the rainy day.”

Colwell found her rain boots on   Pinterest and recently received them as a Christmas surprise. Colwell is not   the only one who prefers online rain boot shopping.     Caitlyn Cook, sophomore nursing major,   bought her fashionable rain boots online.

“I absolutely love them. I can jump in   puddles, and my feet don’t get wet,” said Cook.

Rain boots are not just a fashion trend, but   come in handy during the stormy seasons. Ladies around the Hill have found   them to be a win-win siuation.