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Transferring presents challenges

A transfer student is somewhat like a freshman in college. Everything is new, and we most likely need help.

Transferring schools is not uncommon. Many times, the decision occurs because of money, family, jobs, change of major or, in my case, to come home.

A student may be completely happy at one school, not wanting to leave. Yet, circumstances may arise where you must transfer.

I know what’s its like to transfer. I have attended three universities. I started at Georgia Northwestern Technical College, then Reinhardt University, and now Shorter.

I’ve learned a lot about myself at all three places. Reinhardt helped me start my college career, but the benefits of being at Shorter are so much greater. Shorter offers improved equipment and technology. Not to mention the professors are also much more helpful. Because of that, I feel more at home.

But there are some pros and cons that someone considering transferring should consider. Transferring can often set a student back, especially if you do not foresee yourself transferring in the first place. Transfer students need to be prepared to attend school longer because of extra classes that may be needed at their new school. Sometimes students get lucky and have already taken many of the classes needed and they graduate early.

When you find that you are behind, there are grueling steps that must be taken each time you transfer. The registrar will become your best friend. Go ahead and purchase several transcripts because schools will most likely not receive it the first time or they may need copies.

However, if you are a student who knows transferring is in your future, it’s vital to take the classes that will count at both institutions. If this is not done, you will look back and be angry you took three classes for no reason.

On the other hand, there are pros to being a transfer. You have a wide variety of experiences with different classes, labs and professors. Your skills have started to develop, and the new school will help polish them. Your resume is also most likely longer.

Additionally, there are new social opportunities, and there may be clubs or activities to join that were not offered at the previous school. Another pro is that professors and classes may offer more academic growth than your last school.

Transferring is not always easy but entering it with a positive attitude makes the transition much easier and fun.


Erica Ray
Staff Writer