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The Rising Hawk Award Spotlight: Hannah Flack

Christopher Griffin
Guest Writer

Hannah Flack may be a freshman, but she already appears to be headed toward an outstanding career as an athlete. The six-foot accounting major hails from Trinity, Ala. and is a member of both the volleyball and basketball teams.

Flack was a star in both sports at West Morgan High School where she put up impressive numbers. According to Coosa Valley News, she finished her basketball career with 1,306 points and 961 rebounds, while shooting an astonishing 74 percent from the eld during her senior year. She closed out her volleyball career with 1,629 kills, 391 aces, and 406 blocks.

She is obviously talented, but she has also shown a tremendous amount of maturity as a freshman. She has started every volleyball game this season, while also having to adapt to the college life. She’s having to learn how to manage her time, along with getting used to the speed of the game. It may sound tough, but she’s enjoying every bit of it with an excellent attitude.

Flack is focused on doing what she can to help the team win. She understands that it is not the norm for a freshman to play so much and admits that it is kind of tough to play ahead of some of the older players. She is very thankful for her teammates though, because she is always watching and learning from them at practice.

Her family is extremely important to her, and she is very grateful for all their support. Her father was also a talented athlete, and she feels that playing sports with him growing up helped her become the player she is today. In a way, she is carrying on a family legacy of being a supremely talented athlete. She will definitely build on that legacy because of how competitive she is and how much she wants to be the best.

As talented as she is on the court, there is obviously a lot more to her as a person. She’s very friendly, and enjoys watching movies and cooking in her free time. She also played softball and knows how to play the saxophone. Even with all of her talents, she understands that in life, you must make sacri ces and sort out what you really want. If it’s something you truly love, it won’t feel like a sacrifice. With an outlook like that, she will surely do great things in the years to come.