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Prayer wall brings support and encouragement

Ashtin Hyde
Staff Writer

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost Mary Corbin has created a prayer wall for students, faculty and staff to share their prayer requests and support each other in times of need.

“As spiritual beings, prayer is a way for us to communicate spiritually,” said Ms. Mary. “Prayer can be personal or communal, and this prayer wall allows for it to be both.”

Ms. Mary came up with this idea after she thought about wanting to have a place where students could give their cares over to God and have the support of others.

“I was a student once, and I went through a lot of things,” said Ms. Mary. “I know I would have loved having someone to pray for me, and this prayer wall will give students, and others as well, the chance to have that someone praying for them.”

The new prayer wall is located in the Bailor Suite on the top floor of Shefield Thompson. There are also inspirational quotes and Bible verses on the table that students, faculty and staff are encouraged to pick up and keep with them as a reminder that they can make it through any situation.

The prayer wall is not just meant for people to leave their prayer requests. Individuals are also encouraged to take prayer requests off the wall to pray for.

Associative Provost Dr. Kathi Vosevich discussed the power of prayer and the importance of praying for others. “This prayer was will hopefully offer relief to students,” said Vosevich. “I hope students look at others’ prayer requests and pray for them because ultimately it is about others.”

The prayer wall was introduced during the first week of classes, and students, faculty and staff have already made use of it.

Senior history major Brice Duke said, “Going to a school that encourages me to put my prayer requests out there is a great feeling. It is reassuring to know that I have people who may not even know me praying for the needs and worries that
I have.”

Ms. Mary has been very pleased with the participation that the prayer wall has received so far. “I have loved getting to hear and watch people take part in writing their prayer requests or picking up the inspirational cards,” said Ms. Mary. “My prayer is that this keeps being successful and that God listens and answers those prayers according to His will.”