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The artist behind ‘Feathers for Bullets’

Bre Richey 
Staff Writer

Contemporary naturalist painter Natalie Brandhorst uses historic and Indian themed pieces that give viewers a sense of relatability in Feathers for Bullets. Brandhorst’s pieces can be viewed in the Arnold Art Gallery Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm until Mar. 4.

Brandhorst says, “The body of works, Feathers for Bullets, is a reflection of my journey to self-actualization and personal identity through history, metaphor, and pop culture.”

A walk through the gallery can give students a new perspective on today’s society through nature.

Junior nursing major Ericka Bynum said, “As a lover of nature, I thought the pieces feature in Feathers for Bullets were filled with emotion. I especially enjoyed the beauty and sadness shown in the Great Wolf Spirit painting. I would encourage any students who are interested in nature and history to attend this event.”

Brandhorst is a member of the National Art Education Association, PETA, and the National Arbor Day Foundation. She is currently chair for North Atlanta High School Fine Arts department and believes art plays a large role in the education of students. Brandhorst focuses her work on metaphors relating nature to personal identity.

Brandhorst writes in a statement, “I am humbled by nature. She is my sense of church, the sky being the architecture of reverence, and the land the stabilizer… The knowingness of life and death as it transforms season to season. I find myself riffing deeper into my beliefs, their origins and how they have transformed into my quest to know myself, my past and my history.”

As a teacher, Brandhorst believes in the power of the written word and self-expression. Students can easily see the uniqueness and creativity of her words through display featured in Feathers for Bullets. The Nature American theme presented in the gallery is a perfect representation of her artistic style. The Arnold Art Gallery is easily accessible as it is located on campus in the MFA building.