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Baptist Collegiate Ministries seeks to spark ‘revival’ in student body

Amanda Eidenire

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) is a student-led organization that helps Shorter University students seek God, share the Gospel and serve others. BCM’s mission is to help students grow inwardly through activities, such as the yearly Revival held on March 27.

The revival was a special Refuge event that provided the student body a time to come hear the Gospel, worship and to let them take away something that helps their walk with the Lord.

BCM hosts a Refuge service every Thursday. Refuge is a time where students can come and listen to student-led worship, faculty and student speakers and to fellowship with other students.

During a regular Refuge service, a few songs are played and a speaker gives his or her testimony or speaks about a mission trip that he or she went on, but the revival was more than that.

BCM partnered with Residence Life and had a full band that performed many worship songs that tied in well with Josh Pilgrim’s message about the impact of the Gospel and what the cross did for everyone.

Josh Pilgrim, Campus Ministry intern, was the speaker for the revival and talked about Psalm 24. In the third verse, the King of Glory asks, “Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord? … The one who has clean hands and pure heart.” Pilgrim explained how God was the only one who can enter into the gates with clean hands and a pure heart, so He sent Jesus to cleanse humanity from the dirt so that those who believe can enter into heaven.

Pilgrim’s reason for reading this chapter was so that the students at Shorter can know whom Jesus is and what he has done. He said that students think that they have clean hands and a pure heart, but they don’t unless they accept Jesus.

Director of Residence Life Melanie Lawrimore, and Sara Geil, president of BCM, promoted the Refuge revival. Freshman Briana Poss, a first-time Refuge attendee, was able to attend the revival and realize that you have “to come to God with clean hands and a pure heart.”

Although the revival increased the attendance of BCM for the night, Pilgrim and Lawrimore would love to see the increase continue to grow on a weekly basis.

Lawrimore commented that Pilgrim’s message was what the students needed to hear and that “he really gave us a heart check in the reality of who Jesus is and how holy He is, and without an internal revival, we can’t revive this campus.”

Mission Coordinator of BCM Hannah Crigler commented that Pilgrim’s message made her realize that she is able to wake up every day and live for Christ because of God’s grace and the cross.

“It made me really humble to remember to never forget what Jesus did on the cross and never forget the impact of the cross because it was huge. It literally altered the world.”