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Proven study tips for approaching final exams

Edith Avila

Web editor

It’s that time again when assignments and projects are due, and the frenzy of finals’ week is quickly approaching. Students are feeling the pressure that comes from ending the semester.

There are two weeks left before finals begin. Library hours one again will be extended during finals week. Instead of closing at 11 p.m., expect it to be opened until 1 a.m.

Make sure to get all the caffeine you need. The coffee shop in the library will continue the tradition of giving free coffee during finals week.

Some students have mastered study techniques they believe will work for any student.

Senior Cassie Brown, interdisciplinary studies major, says that her best study tip is to isolate oneself from my friends.

“I know I get easily distracted with my friends,” said Brown, “so I have to isolate myself in order to get anything done.”

Junior Communication major Jacob Bean recommends going through the chapters as a review for exams.

“Teachers can assign a lot of reading and sometimes it’s impossible to read a hundred pages a night, so do a thorough skim of the chapter and read around the bold terms,” said Bean.

Bean added to make sure you know the terms.

“Go through the chapter index after skimming,” said Bean, “and make sure you have a decent concept of what the chapter points.”

Sophomore Melissa Boone has to print the slides, highlight key points, and take notes to prerpare herself for final exams – or any test for that matter.

“I usually print the PowerPoints and while in class, I highlight what the professor says and take extra notes,” said Boone.

Boone added that students should review the notes to be ready for the test.

“Go home and look over the slides and make flashcards,” said Boone, “That way you’ll be ready for the test.”