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Students find ways to stay fit in 2012


Blake   Buford
News editor

     According to getamericafit.org, obesity rates are higher than 35 percent in both men and women, so students around the Hill are looking for ways to stay healthy and keep their “excercise more” resolution alive. With a full schedule, it can be difficult to find time to excercise but junior music major Tareva Moore is putting it at the top of her priority list this year. She says that getting healthy is more important to her than losing weight.

“By keeping my goal toward health, I assure myself I’m doing this so I can live longer and have a more fulfilling life in the long run.”

Moore says she wakes up and asks herself if she can eat healthy and exercise that day. By focusing on one day at a time, she finds the monumental task of getting healthy more tangible.

Other students are taking advantage of Shorter’s two activity course requirement to stay in shape.

Senior English major Justin Phillips   said he is glad he is taking the karate course.

“Karate has been way more of a work out than I expected. I’m glad I’m taking it.”

     There are a variety of courses students can take to help them stay active, from karate, tennis, volleyball and fitness walking to slimnastics and women’s self defense.  Additionally, students have free access to the RAC fitness center.     Senior middle grades education major Ally Blackwell, who made a resolution in 2010 to get healthier, believes becoming healthier is a series of small changes.”Being healthy doesn’t have to be one huge dramatic change,” said Blackwell.  “It can be making small changes that become a part of your lifestyle that turn into big changes in the future.”

Blackwell encourages others to try to stay healthy.

“Staying healthy is definitely a challenge, but it’s worth every bit of it,” said Blackwell.  “It’s a constant commitment to doing what is best for yourself.”