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Phi Mu prepares for new spring recruits

Carlie Garrett
Guest Writer

As the spring semester starts, the girls of Phi Mu Fraternity are getting ready for another spring recruitment. The process of recruitment is one that sorority girls throughout the states experience.

Recruitment is held twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Recruitment parties are held the same way at every school. It is the best way for potential members to learn the ideas of Phi Mu.

The process consists of sorority members throwing a party for any full-time freshman to any senior female student. Potential members will get to chat with the sisters of Phi Mu.

Sophomore nursing major Taylor Carroll from Trion is heading this year’s spring recruitment. She has been preparing for the party since Christmas break.

“The girls of Phi Mu and I are so excited for spring recruitment,” Carroll said. “A lot of hard work has been put into it, and I cannot wait to see it all finally come together. I hope everyone comes and hangs out with me and my favorite girls.”

For some members of the sorority, recruitment is a first-time experience. The newly inducted freshman members are looking forward to being on the other end of recruitment.

Emily Cheek, a freshman psychology major from Cartersville, is one of those members.

“I know that I was really nervous last semester during recruitment, but the girls of Phi Mu made me feel so welcomed and I hope to do the same for the new potential members,” Cheek said.

For graduating members, the recruitment party is a bittersweet moment. Spring recruitment is the last opportunity they will have to soak in the memories of being a newly accepted member.

Senior political science major Megan Faulkner has been involved with Phi Mu for three years while serving on its executive board for two years.

“It seems just like yesterday I was going through spring recruitment myself,” Faulkner said. “It was such an exciting and humbling experience. Now, it’s almost two years later, and I am recruiting for the vey last time. I cannot wait to welcome all our new Phi Mu girls.”