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Trump, Clinton take personal shots during debate

Morris Mitchell
Staff Writer

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemed to be addressing each other rather than the issues in America during their recent debate on Oct. 9 debate.

They were both making personal accusations about each other’s track record.

Trump took the route of accusing Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. Trump brought in four women who supposedly had sexual relations with Clinton while he was in office.

In short, Trump’s act seemed to put a black eye on his campaign, especially for the American people.

Many students on campus feel that Trump’s actions were a low blow to the presidential campaign, while other students feel that the presidential election is becoming a show rather than something of meaning.

Hillary Clinton’s side of the debate pinpointed Trump’s recently released tax returns. During 1995, Trump reported a $916 million loss because of financial failures, according to the New York Times. The loss allowed him to pay the lowest amount of taxes for an 18-year period.

Trump’s un-American act has angered American people. NBC noted that the American people feel as if Trump’s lack of tax payment makes them feel he is above every middle and low class citizen in America.

But the lack of tax payment doesn’t stop the fact that Clinton stooped down to Trump’s level and made personal accusations. The personal accusations by both candidates took focus away from the important issues facing America.

As the presidential election approaches, there are students who may vote and there are students who may not vote during the 2016 election based on their feelings toward the candidates.

In America’s history, there hasn’t been an election quite like this one. Both Trump and Clinton are under heavy scrutiny from the public eye.

President Obama is leaving and our nation is entering a new era in the White House. This year’s election has the possibility of changing America forever.

If Trump is the president, then our nation would have a business model with questionable character. His comments about women and autism are offensive and distasteful.

Our nation would make history if Clinton was elected as the first female president. But Clinton’s health is declining, and she seems not as open about herself when she speaks to the public.

The 2016 presidential election could become a great success or a great disaster. Ultimately, it comes down to the American people and what they want.