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Broadcast provides updates of campus activities

Sub 49 now has a "Shorter Update" to inform the campus of events. Anchors are Andrew Edenfield and Emily Wyrick.


Edith Avila

Staff writer


The Communication Arts Department’s SUB 49 has a new broadcast: The Shorter Update. This is a production to inform the campus about campus news, and is played before chapel and online. Allen Dutch, communication instructor, is in charge of this student-led broadcast.

Andrew Edenfield, a member of SUB 49, believes one needs to have hours of this type of experience for his or her résumé to succeed in a production career. At Edenfield’s previous school, they had a similar production and he thought about bringing it to Shorter. After speaking with Dutch, the two worked together to have the idea approved and the work began.

Edenfield worked alongside students Emily Wyrick, Josh Watson, Daniel Walker, Kristin Nash, Zach Burke and others to build the new studio as well as produce the new broadcast. It took hours of work to turn a storage room into a designed studio.

Dutch loves how the students get to practice the skills they learn in the classroom. The students in Digital Production II are getting to “swim” in this experience, according to Dutch. They are learning all the different areas of work that goes into producing.

Wyrick believes they have come up with ways to spread  and also receive news from each department.

“We have an e-mail list that we send out to every department and also get news from departments… from financial aid to Greeks, to the athletic department,” said Wyrick.

According to Dutch, the idea is to promote news on campus.

“It’s a great way to keep in touch with the student body,” said Dutch.

Thanks to Dean of Chapel Dr. Aaron Werner, the “Shorter Update” will be played every Tuesday before chapel. It will also be available for everyone to see online.

Dutch and Edenfield agreed that students will be able to experience the job field in which they want to work. Although they have only had two productions so far, some students have already altered their career plans.

Wyrick said working in this production has made her “consider double majoring.” She loves the whole experience, despite the endless hours of work that go into the weekly broadcast.

According to Wyrick, students involved have to put in more time outside of class than in the classroom.

“We have to copy edit scripts, do run throughs, then film several takes and edit those for chapel on Tuesdays,” said Wyrick.