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Trump follows through on promises in first months

It’s no secret that the newly inaugurated President Trump has made some controversial decisions already in his short time in office. Prior to his inauguration, the president made several promises to the American people about his plans for being in office.

According to the Washington Post, Trump claimed that he would create 25 million jobs, pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Obama’s trade deal linking countries around the Pacific Rim) and completely repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something better.

Trump also promised to deport undocumented immigrants who have committed a crime, have an expired visa or have benefited from government assistance programs. In addition, the president emphasized that he wanted to fully fund the construction of a wall along the southern border of the United States with Mexico.

Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, the president has made numerous executive orders, many of which he promised to execute before he was elected. Trump provided relief from the Affordable Care Act, withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and increased border security measures, according to politico.com.

Lastly, he empowered state and local law officials to act as immigration officers as well as to re-evaluate visa and refugee programs, which involved enacting a temporary travel ban on certain foreign countries.

Trump’s executive orders are heavy and do not come without reaction from United States’ citizens. It seems that Trump is doing what he said he would do. He made promises to dismantle Obamacare and strengthen the borders. He did just that, and people are now frustrated that it’s actually happening.

Evident from the many political FaceBook posts, blogs and riots happening, people have strong opinions on both sides about Trump and his actions.

Trump is not doing anything unexpected. He is implementing the policies that he promised during his campaign.

Whether or not Trump’s actions to “better the country” are right in Christian eyes does not lead to a black and white answer, and only time will reveal how the country adjusts to his decision-making.


Rachael Minard
Staff Writer