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Why you should wait (to put a ring on it)

Rachael Minard
Guest Writer

Some college students often go to school with a motive other than receiving an education. That motive is to find “true love”.

Some are often under the illusion that you are meant to find your husband or wife while in college…that this is the time to search for the perfect match and your lifelong partner.

People must realize that this is not the case.

When did college become the time where you searched for your “soulmate” instead of searching the library? When did college become the time to go on dates instead of go on adventures with your best friends? College is the time to focus on books, not your future marriage.

Granted, there are successful relationships that began in college, such as Rome natives Susan and Troy Fitzpatrick. They met at Berry College and were married three years later in 1989 before Susan graduated there. Although they are married to this day, she says, “I do not know how on earth my parents let me do that or how we survived marrying so young.” But these people are the exception.

An even crazier notion is the idea of getting married before you graduate. How can you expect to fully devote yourself to schooling and a spouse at the same time?

College is not the time to be engaged, let alone be married. College is the time to focus on school and make yourself into the person who is ready to be married.

The benefits to waiting are exponentially great. You will be settled as far as schooling goes and have already earned your degree.

According to a CNN article of college marriages, money is one of the biggest challenges in college marriages. “It’s financially more difficult for married students today than just five years ago,” the article stated.

It’s just better to wait. You will know what you want to do with your life, or at least a solid direction you want to go in. You will not need to try to balance your love life with your school life.

You can truly focus on your significant other after you get your degree.

While you are in school, you should focus on school. When you get out, you will have given your schooling the attention that it deserves.

So don’t take the bait of married life in college, and just wait.