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Delta Sigma Phi awarded Pyramid of Excellence

Ashtin Hyde
Staff Writer

On Aug. 1, 2016, the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi received the news that they had been award- ed the prestigious Pyramid of Excellence award for the 2015- 2016 academic year. This award is the highest award given to an undergraduate chapter and is only awarded to ve of the 109 chapters in the nation.

A chapter is awarded the Pyramid of Excellence for ex- cellence in all areas of opera- tion. An annual assessment of eligible chapters is conducted by Delta Sigma Phi’s national headquarters.

This assessment is broken into four major categories: Elevation, Vision and Impact, Membership, and Fraternal Standards. It takes place after each chapter submits all of the proper paperwork and docu- mentation through an assess- ment and accreditation program called the Pyramid Program.

“Many chapters of many fraternities are driven by com- petition with other chapters on their campus,” said Delta Sigma Phi Director of Frater- nity Growth and Services Nik Koulogeorge.

“The Theta Psi chapter has not allowed a lack of local com- petition to in uence their drive to do what is right which makes them even more deserving of this award.”

Delta Sig vice president and junior psychology major Tyler Parham recognized that the pro- cess for receiving the Pyramid of Excellence was a very rigor- ous and time-consuming task.

“To be able to say you are a Pyramid of Excellence chapter is a big deal,” said Parham. “It gives us the ability to show that we are men of action and not just men of words.”

Chapter president and junior Christian Studies major Nathan Gaydosik gave all the credit for this award to the chapter as a whole. Gaydosik made sure to recognize that winning the Pyramid of Excellence took hard work and dedication on everyone’s part.

Each chairman in the chapter was responsible for lling out the proper paperwork and submitting it to Parham and Gaydosik. The two men then compiled all of the informa- tion and submitted it to their national headquarters. Upon submission, the brothers of Delta Sig awaited the winners of the award by checking the Delta Sigma Phi social media pages.

“With us being such a small chapter, we were really sur- prised when we found out that we had won,” said Gaydosik. “We take great pride in our chapter and have shown that anyone can be successful no matter what school you are at or what circumstances you are in.”

Although winning the Pyr- amid of Excellence came as a surprise to the brothers of Delta Sig, they are not unfamiliar with the feeling of victory when it comes to this award. After being awarded the Pyramid of Excellence in 2013 and 2015, it was clear that the men of Delta Sig were dedicated to their motto, “Better Men. Better Lives.”

After receiving the award for a third time, the Theta Psi chap- ter has shown its commitment to excellence. The fraternity’s dedication and initiative are what Gaydosik believes led the chapter to this immense success. After ending the 2015- 2016 year with the most pres- tigious Delta Sigma Phi award in the nation, the men of Delta Sig have high standards for this upcoming year.

“Training up the next gen- eration of leaders, as well as growing in numbers and as a chapter personally is what we are working toward,” said Gay- dosik. “I would also like us to have a little more fun because we were focused a lot on busi- ness last semester.”

Aside from the awards and goals, the brothers of Delta Sig are dedicated to bettering themselves and others. For this group of men, being in a fraternity goes beyond the awards or recognitions. It extends to the relationships that are built within the chapter and outside the chapter as well.

Gaydosik emphasized that as brothers they want people to know they are genuine and here to help people.

“We want to make a differ- ence on campus and in our community and we will strive to do that,” said Gaydosik.