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Valentine’s Day celebrates love, creates anxiety, uncertainty

David Thompson
Staff Writer

vday Photo by: MCT Campus
Valentine’s Day has passed. Many people were uncertain about what to give.

Love. One can say it with flowers, chocolate, an old-fashioned love note and a million other ways. And all of that love reaches its peak here in February with the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

With the millions of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day each year, one would think that mankind finally figured out the biggest dilemma surrounding the holiday, namely what exactly to get the girl.

Planning the perfect gift or evening takes work. So men, how did guys last week make sure their special lady had an unforgettable Valentine’s Day? (Ladies, keep reading: your side of things will be addressed.)

The first thing to remember is that all women are different and like different things. A lady cannot be put in a girlfriend-sized box tailored to fit someone else. Finding out what that special person enjoys eating, doing and watching automatically gives a man an advantage over someone who is merely following some clichéd Valentine’s Day blueprint.

The second point is about money. These days, good romance means spending big bucks. A first date can bankrupt a young romantic.  Even prom night can be extremely expensive. But think for a second. Does true love come about because of the money involved? Nope. A guy needs to tap into whatever made the girl fall in love with him in the first place.

For girls who enjoyed quality time, a long walk with a special park bench and flowers at the end would make a great memory. If she really enjoys words of affirmation, a guy could cover her car or fill her book bag with sticky notes reminding her just why he loves her.

What did ladies do on Valentine’s Day to make sure the man’s efforts were successful? Dr. Audirsch, assistant professor of Christian Studies, put it like this.

“For me, it is my wife allowing me to cook her dinner and spend time with her and make it special for her. In our family she likes to cook and she likes to do all that, so it honors me to actually pamper her a bit. A woman has to allow herself to be loved.”

A true man of character wants to honor his woman, and he finds joy in making her feel loved. No matter if a person is single, dating, engaged, or married, that person is known either by the love he/or she shows to everyone around them, or the love they keep for themselves.

So, for the ladies blessed enough to have someone special to care for and love them, hopefully this Valentine’s Day was a time of being pampered and valued above everyone else. Because a woman deserves to know how much she is loved not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.