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Hover boards are new craze, potential threat to safety

Bre Richey
Staff Writer


Photo Credit: Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/TNS
Hover boards can be seen across the country.

With every new year comes new technology. The latest craze catching the attention of consumers everywhere is the hover board. The hover board is a ‘levitating’ board that glides in all directions. People everywhere have been lured in by this invention.

This entertaining futuristic device may seem like harmless fun, but a Google search will unveil the downfalls. Seeing a hover board in action makes operation look easy, but balance is key when stepping onto the two-wheel board.

Serious injuries have been reported due to a lack of helmets and the knack of balancing. Getting on and off these boards can become quite tricky, although practice makes perfect.

Concerns for safety standards have arisen after several mishaps have been reported. According to Today.com, popular consumer websites like Amazon.com and Overstock.com have come under attack when people began reporting instances of the boards catching fire. Overstock.com has pulled the gadgets from their site altogether.

When picking out a hover board to purchase, one must consider the cost and the brand. The more expensive boards seem to have better standards of safety; however, this claim has not been proven. A majority of the companies producing a cheaper version of the boards have been recalled due to a large amount of consumer complaints. According to the TODAY show, the price difference relates to the quality of parts and the battery in the boards.

As a result, one can infer that the cheaper the board, the cheaper the parts are, making the board more susceptible to fire. Over charging the board is another reason behind the fire incidents. In November of 2015, an incident was reported when a charging hover board blew up and caught a bed on fire.

Before purchasing a hover board, it is important to do a little research in hopes of preventing the cases of explosion. Tips to prevent the problems of injury and fire include limited charging time, wearing a helmet, and riding with caution.

Just like other means of personal transportation, hover boards have become banned in certain cities, airline companies and universities. Checking the facts to make sure hover boards are not banned in your city will keep you from paying fines.

With all issues considered, it seems like more of a chore than a pleasure to own a hover board. Still, the hover board is the hottest product on the market in more ways than one.