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Hawk Talk

By Carrie Deese
Staff Writer

Students connect with alumni through ‘Hawk Talk’

Though they may not be seen much on campus, Shorter University’s alumni play a big part in this campus’ life, and there have been increased developments made to facilitate relationship-building between students and alumni. Such opportunities include becoming involved in Hawk Talk or the Shorter University Student Alumni Association.

According to Alumni and Special Events Coordinator, Loni Watkins describes SUSAA as “the liaison between current students and alumni,” and said that “our goal is for current students to know that their participation with Shorter should not end at graduation.”

Senior marketing major Hillary Rhodes is the president of SUSAA and realizes that alumni are important to the overall functioning of the school.

“Alumni’s donations keep Shorter going,” said Rhodes. “They help fund many things that happen around Shorter, such as the new girls dorm, the new shuttle buses and much more.”

In addition to SUSAA, Hawk Talk is a team of students who contact alumni, friends, and family.

Sophomore pre-nursing major Hannah Coffey joined Hawk Talk to make relationships with alumni, saying she “really enjoyed hearing all of the personal stories from alumni about Shorter.”

As a student, Coffey feels that alumni should feel informed about the goings-on of Shorter because they once were students themselves.

“Alumni give back to Shorter to help with each of our educations, and they deserve to know what their money goes toward” said Coffey.