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Freshman Spotlight: Gabby Williams

By Aurelie Gaborit de Montjou
Staff Reporter

Gabby Williams is coming to Shorter from Dallas, Ga. She graduated from East Pauldimg High School and will be majoring in Art with a focus in ceramics. Williams believes that it is God’s plan for her to pursue a career in the arts, but she is not sure what path He wants her to take yet. Williams is the only artistic member of her family as she has been dancing for 16 years, she is fond of painting and she can draw, even though it is not her favorite.

The main reason Williams decided to come to Shorter is because of the faith aspect of the school.

“I like that people are open about their faith here and I think it is better to be surrounded by religious people with a similar background as mine rather than going somewhere else and having to figure everything out on my own,” she explains.

Williams is glad she chose Shorter because she loves it and she believes it is a perfect fit for her. She loves all her teachers and classes. She also loves her sorority friends from Zeta, as well as the three girls she lives with in the dorm.

Williams looks forward the most to learning who she is throughout her college career. She is impatient to discover things for herself and go home to share with her family, especially her 16-year-old sister Victoria, with whom she is inseparable.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.37.47 PM

“Because I am the oldest, I am kinda the guinea pig for finding independence. It will be interesting to see how I react to everything and see who I am and not who my parents want me to be,” she expresses.

Outside of being a college freshman, Williams is a licensed scuba diver. She also serves on religious retreats called chrysalis weekends, to encounter God and see how He has created people to love each other. Williams has also played piano for ten years and enjoys playing the guitar. Even though Williams has always lived in Dallas, Ga., one of her favorite hobby is to travel and learn about other cultures. She has been to Costa Rica, on Caribbean cruises, in Canada, in Niagara Falls and on an Alaskan cruise. Costa Rica and the Alaskan cruise are on the top of her list as favorites.

“For the land and ground, the Alaskan cruise was my favorite as it is so beautifully breathtaking. For the people and the experience, Costa Rica holds a special place in my heart. The people were so friendly and I will always cherish the memory of being there,” she says.

As well as her travels, Williams and her family have welcomed numerous exchange students from France, Germany, Kazakhstan and Norway throughout the years.

Williams quoted John 20:21 as her favorite, “Jesus said to them, peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” She believes that God sends people to places for a reason.

“As I have been surrounded by international affairs with people in my house or me going places, I am a big believer that we are sent places for a reason whether it is locally, internationally, missions, or just on the trip. I believe that we are there to be God’s light and to spread his word,” she expresses.