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Greek life differs on small, Christian campus

Alan Samson

Sports editor

Shorter University’s Greek life organizations give students unique opportunities to grow during their time at school. Shorter is home to three sororities: Phi Mu, Epsilon Sigma and Zeta Tau Alpha, and two fraternities: Kappa Sigma and Delta Sigma Phi. These fraternal organizations bring students together to reach philanthropic and service-oriented goals.

“If a young woman is coming to Shorter and wants to be involved and wants to be plugged into a group of other young women, then Greek life is a wonderful way to do that,” said Emily Messer, vice president of enrollment management.

Shorter offers a different aspect to the Greek-life world. With Shorter having a smaller campus, these organizations are allowed closer relationships.

These groups of young men  and women also give their members career and networking opportunities that other organizations can’t match.

“I have made connections at our national events that will help me the day I step off that stage in May, as well as many connections and lifelong friends on campus that I probably wouldn’t have without Kappa Sigma,” said Thad Mathis, president of Kappa Sigma.

Greek-life members start their search for new members the day classes start. Formal recruitment for sororities occurs first, followed by the fraternities. “Going through recruitment was the best idea I ever had. These are truly my sisters now and forever,” Ep Sigma Carrie Deese said.