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Take away smartphone, take away life

Zach Burke

Staff writer


A survey conducted by The University of Colorado asked students about how they spend their time on their smartphones. The study showed that most students use their phones for multi-tasking, whether that is while listening to music, doing homework, exercising or shopping. Sometimes I wonder, can college students survive without smartphones?

More and more college students are getting smartphones, thus becoming dependent on them. A lot of students use them toward schoolwork, staying caught up in the media, traveling and playing with different applications. There are many apps that aid students when it comes to school such as Flashcards, Evernote and Kindle. Many students would say that they couldn’t go a day without their smartphone now that they have had the ability to use one.

Andrea Snyder, junior accounting major, believes she can survive without a smartphone, but it’s convenient to have, especially when traveling.

“If I had to go back to using a ‘dumb’ phone, I would miss the Internet the most,” said Snyder. “How could you check Moodle the moment your professor has posted an important grade?”

Snyder and many others would be lost in certain situations without their smartphones. Though the majority of college students have smartphones, there are still students who prefer not to have them.

Zach Whitener, junior nursing major, said, “No I am not at a disadvantage without one. Our professors encourage us to use our textbooks in order to find information and not just simply get the answer off of the Internet.”

Smartphones have also been known to distract students. They are capable of doing so many things that sometimes we get caught up in playing games or on a social networking site and forget that we were initially on it to look up something for class. Some would also suggest that people get smartphones for the social status.

Andy Pichardo, sophomore math major, said, “People use them (smartphones) for the media since Facebook is so big, but I do believe that popularity plays a role in the process of deciding on whether or not to get a smartphone.”

Whitener and Pichardo both agree that smartphones can be a huge distraction for students when trying to get schoolwork done and the thought of them being a disadvantage is absurd.

Smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages. I have a smartphone and take advantage of the apps and Internet, but it is definitely possible for students to make it through college without one. Although it’s a nice, convenient product to have, it’s not a necessity. We have access to so many other resources that we shouldn’t have to have a smartphone to do our work.