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Laundry issue bubbling on campus



Justin Bates

Opinions Editor


An insufficient amount of laundry equipment in certain campus dorms is posing challenges for student residents needing to complete laundry tasks.

The student residents in the smaller dorms (particularly the Bass dorms) are having a hard time cleaning their clothes because they must share one washer and dryer with 30 other people. College students have a lot on their plates with school loads and extracurricular activities and have little downtime; so when simple tasks such as doing laundry becomes a hassle, it can be frustrating to some.

“Unless you’re on campus during a break or up during odd hours of the night, you can’t wash your clothes because the washer and dryers are always occupied or theres already a line of people waiting to use them,” said sophomore theatre major Annelise Kitching.

Along with her schoolwork, Kitching, a Bass resident, is occupied with theatre productions and finds it difficult to complete her laundry tasks with the free time she has. She feels if the residence had access to more machines, it would take a lot of stress off many students.

“I understand the machines are expensive, but having one washer and dryer for 32 people makes it difficult to meet our needs. Adding at least one other machine to the Bass dorms would greatly alleviate the time we have to wait to do our laundry.”

The laundry complication is causing some dorm resident assistants to establish rules to ease the hassle for students.

“Our R.A. has had to resort to making rules to help cut down on queue times,” said junior psychology major Mary Blanks. “We have to make sure our clothes are out in a timely manner to make sure the laundry room is clean. If this isnt done in a certain amount of time, we can get a fee tacked on.”

Though there are some students having difficulties accessing free laundry machines, they may find comfort in the fact that there is a website for student residents that helps show when machines are not occupied in real time.

“We’re exploring the feasibility of another washer and dryer, but for now, laundryview.com is a valuable source for students,” said Josh Arnold, director of residence life.

The site allows students to find their dorms listed in links showing the calculated activity times for when the machines are in use and when they aren’t. If thats not enough, the site has an application that can be downloaded on smartphones making things easier on the go.